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"PLEASE NOTE: The pocket is printed on the shirt and is NOT an actual pocket Cat in your Pocket has other breads such as Tonkinese Tiger Tabby Housecat Asian Orange Tabby American Bobtail Korat Oriental Shorthair Black Short Hair Sphynx Turkish Van Mix / Domestic Birman Longhair Ragamuffin Colorpoint Shorthair Domestic Breed Maltese Torby short hair Balinese British Semi-Longhair Devon Rex mix Gray Tabby Domestic Shorthair American Shorthair Tabby Calico Tuxedo Siamese Mixed Domestic Mediumhair Tuxedo Tortoiseshell Domestic Longhair Persian American Longhair Ragdoll Bengal Tiger Cat british shorthair Himalayan Russian Blue Other Norwegian Forest Manx Bombay Moggie Snowshoe Japanese Bobtail Applehead Siamese Russian White Black Tuxedo Cat Do not know Tuxedo God Smoke Other seal point Bengel Mix Chantilly/Tiffany Black Cat with Class Toyger Abyssinian Ashera Aegean African Serval Tiger Silver Tabby Havana Brown short hair tortoiseshell Street cat Felix Cat "